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BelleCore HoneyBelle® Fit bodybuffer
BelleCore HoneyBelle® Fit bodybuffer
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BelleCore HoneyBelle® Fit bodybuffer


BelleCore are the makers of the original award winning bodybuffers that are easy, effective and convenient to use and rapidly produce visible results. 

The HoneyBelle® Fit bodybuffer is an effective, powerful muscle massager developed especially for athletes to help quickly dissipate the intra-muscular build up of metabolic waste that occurs after exercise-thus speeding recovery and enhancing performance. BelleCore bodybuffers' random orbital oscillation action applies powerful mechanical forces to targeted areas, providing vigorous, penetrating, deep-tissue massage and exfoliation experience.  

Using BelleCore bodybuffer before a workout is a great way to kick-start circulation, warm up muscular tissues and loosen up any tight spots - prepping the massaged muscles for exercise. Use after work out to flood muscles with fresh oxygenated blood, correct the electrolyte balance, flush out the metabolic waste, lactic acid build up and increase lymphatic drainage. The result is a quicker recovery for sore muscles. The bodybuffer will also exfoliate, smooth and rejuvenate your skin and decrease abnormal swelling/edema. 

  • HoneyBelle® bodybuffer
  • Two white terry cloth bonnets
  • One 4.0 oz. tube of Fit Hydrating Cream
  • An instructional DVD
  • An owner's manual
  • Convenient travel mesh sack
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Be the first to Write a Review
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